ACTION 1. Development of technologies aimed at waste revaluation and diversification of co-products

It includes different R+D activities aimed at establishing technological processes services as tools to lengthen the lifespan of different kinds of organic waste to facilitate integral benefit of the microalgae biomass.

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ACTION 2. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
Revaluation of organic waste generated in agro-industrial activities lengthening their lifespan by obtaining new by-products is essential from the current perspective of Bioeconomy. Nevertheless, beyond the techno-economic aspects, the processes required to achieve said revaluation may also have important environmental impacts related to energy demand or emissions generated in the same, for example.
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) will be used in this activity to assess the environmental impact caused by the different waste revaluation channels derived from obtaining biodiesel from microalgae. The aim pursued is to identify the most advantageous revaluation routes for application in the biorefinery framework.


ACTION 3. Process and Product Validation

It includes 7 demonstrable activities aimed at validating the technologies and products obtained in ACTION 1.

Collaboration agreements have been established to this end with 7 companies belonging to the industrial sectors related to: energy, chemical, cosmetics, agriculture and aquaculture.

These demonstrable actions not only constitute a validation channel for the project technical developments but also an opportunity to transfer results directly to the business sector.


Demonstrable Activities

  • 1. SPAIN- Validation of biodiesel obtained pursuant to the standard EN14214.
  • 2. SPAIN- Validation of the hydrolysed products derived from defatted algal waste to obtain fertilisers and granulated aminoacids via “Pulse Combustion Drying” technology.
  • 3. SPAIN- Validation of hydrolysed products for the application of nutritional concentrates in industrial microbiology (bioremediation).
  • 4. SPAIN- Validation of polyols derived from glycerine to obtain adhesives for use in the footwear industry.
  • 5. FRANCE- Validation of different waste fractions as a biomolecule source in cosmetic formulas.
  • 6. FRANCE- Validation of organic waste for use as compost and biofertilisers.
  • 7. FRANCE- Validation of defatted biomass waste used in making aquaculture feed.
ACTION 4. Creation of an Interactive Network of companies in the POCTEFA territory about benefiting from resources and products
It tackles approaching the Industrial Symbiosis concept referring to the use a company or sector makes of subproducts generated by others.
In this context, an interactive online map will be created to enable identification of the possible inter-relations and synergies among companies, with the aid of a flow diagram which could interact or become involved in using and benefiting from products and waste derived from an algae biorefinery on the POCTEFA border territory.
The aim of this action is to boost an eco-industrial network for the territory.
ACTION 5. Technology Transference with Training Sessions, Seminars and Workshops
Transference and diffusion of project results via 4 training sessions organised as seminars and workshops.