CYCLALG is an R+D+i project whose purpose is to develop and validate technological processes which improve the economic profitability and environmental sustainability of the process to obtain biodiesel via microalgae culture.

CYCLALG has introduced the heterotrophic culture of microalgae as a necessary strategy to increase to the productivity of oil and as such improve process profitability.

The project has adopted the principles of Circular Bioeconomy and aims to improve the value of microalgae biomass via efficient use of resources and lengthening the lifespan of waste.

To this end, CYCLALG proposes a circular framework for microalgae production integrating organic waste derived from the biomass (together with other agro-industrial waste) processing itself as nutrients for the culture process.

Furthermore, CYCLALG pursues making integral use of algal biomass to obtain various products of interest in the chemical, energy and agro-fishery industries, thereby favouring microalgae farming within a Biorefinery framework.

With a view to ensuring efficient flow of resources and products besides optimising environmental aspects of the global process, the project contemplates Life Cycle Analysis of the different waste revaluation channels.

The CYCLALG project includes seven immediate Validation Actions of the technologies developed through collaboration with companies belonging to the various industrial sectors, likewise various direct Diffusion Actions via seminars and workshops which ensure the public nature of the results.

CYCLAG also tackles an approach towards the Industrial Symbiosis concept in POCTEFA (territorial co-operation between Spain, France and Andorra) territory. To this end, an activity is included aimed at identifying the possible inter-relationships and synergies among companies which could involve themselves in the use and benefit of the products and waste derived from an algae biorefinery.



Projet Framework
Projet Framework


A multidiscipline consortium of 6 transfrontier bodies are taking part to achieve CYCLALG targets and complement their areas of specialisation providing knowledge, tools and the necessary resources to complete the work framework presented in the project.

CYCLALG has a 3 year duration and a budget of 1.4 million euros, 65% of which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Funder (FEDER) via the Interreg  Programme V-A SPAIN-FRANCE-Andorra (POCTEFA 2014-2020).